A Crypto Discussion On Times Square

Yesterday (26th March 2018) was an exciting day for not just SuccessLife, but all things crypto. Inside the boardroom of NASDAQ, the second largest stock exchange in the world, our founder and chairman Richard Tan was invited to discuss best practices with other blockchain CEOs and crypto advisers.

Crypto is one of the newest industries in this day and age, with many entrepreneurs finding themselves learning first-hand how to navigate shifting waters and shaky grounds.

This exclusive round table event brought together top innovators who are using this new technology to create social good and revolutionize industries. Blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers, ICO marketers, investment fund managers, crypto enthusiasts and blockchain developers were invited to share ideas, discuss strategies, and develop solutions to regulatory and industry challenges.

What this means for SuccessLife

SuccessLife was built around the idea of delivering “modern education”. Unfortunately, the current education system is still the same as it was nearly a hundred years ago; we’re still using 20th century techniques on 21st century students.

While most industries have started trending towards giving consumers a more personalised and exclusive experience, education has remained largely unchanged. In addition, demand has shifted towards a preference for online, digital delivery of products and services which is an area the education and professional development industry has struggled to keep up with.

SuccessLife aims to provide a more customizable educational experience to our learners from the comfort of their own home. This includes content from the Success Resources group of companies, of which SuccessLife is a part. It would now be possible to deliver content from thought leaders, speakers, and success icons such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and Gary Vaynerchuk to the masses on any device, accessible any time and anywhere.

Blockchain based SuccessLife Tokens will be an accepted mode of exchange for these services and content, which is why this discussion at NASDAQ is so important to us.

We anticipate that our participation at this conference will pave the way for more open discussion on how we can apply best practices and security to the SuccessLife Token Sale.


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