A Customized Payment Solution for the Educational, Personal and Professional Development Industries


Target US$8 Million Raised


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Our Vision

​To be the world’s leading provider of life changing education.


Education is the cornerstone of human development. It is no wonder today education is a big industry and the top priority for most of the Governments across the world.

However, our current economic climate has resulted in a generation facing high tuition fees, rising cost of living, sluggish jobs markets, and low income growth. Student loan debt has reached close to $1.3 tn in USA alone. As a result, professional college and university education has become increasingly unaffordable for the general population.

1.3 Trillion
Student Debt in USA Alone

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SuccessLife Tokens Overview

SuccessLife Tokens (SXLs) are a payment mechanism developed for the educational, personal and professional development industries.

SuccessLife Tokens have been conceptualized by the Success Resources group of companies that has over the past 25 years, organized and promoted hundreds of seminars and workshops annually across 30 countries and over it’s lifetime has had over 10 million attendees.

SXLs will launch with an active international customer base in excess of 6 million persons who have a common interest and pre-existing relationship with an established and respected brand.

We aim for SXLs to empower seamless payments for the learning sector and this is driven by the SuccessLife Ecosystem.

Platform & Marketplace

» Digital Content
» Digital Services
» User Portals


» Rewards Program
» Incentive Program
(third-party service providers)
» SXL Community Growth


» Live Events
» Workshops

  • Success Resources: SXL holders will also benefit from promotional rates and rewards tokens for transactions made through this payment option. Access to certain ticket categories will be available only through the use of SXLs;
  • SuccessLife: A global digital marketplace for premium personal and professional development and educational content accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device will use SXLs to receive payment for content consumption;
  • SuccessLife Ecosystem: An entity dedicated to driving adoption of SXLs and building an active ecosystem of customers, content providers and third party vendors to use SXLs as a payment option;
  • NewTycoon Plus: A business which leases mining power to subscribers and uses SXLs as its incentive for third party partners.

SuccessLife: The World’s First Global Marketplace for Premium Personal and Professional Development and Education

SuccessLife is a marketplace for the vast content archives of Success Resources amassed from decades of seminars, courses and events. In SuccessLife, you can expect:

  • Up to 10,000 hours of audio and video from the world's best speakers
  • Masterclass courses for skills development
  • Live personal coaching and training
  • Personal development products, services and live event tickets
  • Connection and engagement with a supportive community
  • Rewards for contributing your own content

SuccessLife Marketplace Prototype

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Success Resources: The Global Provider of Life Changing Education

Established in 1993, Success Resources has grown to become a global provider of educational resources, seminars, and workshops. We believe that education and learning experiences transcend the boundaries of a classroom, and in the course of 26 years, we have proudly, and positively impacted over 10 million lives across 35 countries.

We’ve had the pleasure of having world-renowned speakers and experts at our events; including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jordan Belfort, and Nick Vujicic., to name a few.


Events Per Year


Years of
Footage Viewed

Seminar Promoter
in the World

Highlights from Success Resources Events


The primary role of the SuccessLife Ecosystem will be to drive the demand of SuccessLife Token and to promote its usage and adoption.

Reach & Scale

Powering, incentivizing and expanding SXL usage within the SuccessLife Marketplace, Success Resources, and NewTycoon Plus.

Payment Transactions

Providing and facilitating fast, secure, and seamless payments with SXLs.

3rd Party Adoption

Promoting third-party adoption and acceptance in the personal development industry by operating referral and rewards programs.

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SuccessLife Tokens will be implemented on our public Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is a blockchain that tracks ownership of digital tokens or assets. Building SuccessLife Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain comes with the following advantages:

  • Transaction Speed
  • Data Sharing
  • Permission Control
  • Connectivity

These Ethereum features make it the obvious solution for SuccessLife Tokens.

SuccessLife Token Allocation

Token Sale Soft Cap: US$2 Million
Token Sale Hard Cap: US$27 Million
Total Token Supply: 100 Million (100,000,000)

SuccessLife Use of Funds

SuccessLife Development (35%)
Content Acquisition (30%)
Marketing Capabilities (17%)
Operations & Administration capabilities (15%)
Contingency (3%)

Project Development Roadmap

April 2018

ICO Commences

May 2018

ICO Concludes

June 2018

Reconcile and distribute

June 2018

Finalise business model client

July 2018

Announce and launch “early bird” client aquistion

July 2018

Lock down first round content and finalise investment capital

August 2018

Development proprietary content

August 2018

Web content agregation

September 2018

Finalise affilate agreements with content and service providers

October 2018

Build platform and close content deals/contracts

October 2018

Migrate client database to platform

November 2018

Content acquisition, curation and development population

November 2018

Soft launch

December 2018

QA functionality, e-commerce (end-user testing, user acceptance testing) issue resolution.

January 2019

Project sign-off

January 2019

Client hosting configuration & migration

February 2019

Go live

SuccessLife’s Advisors

David Drake

David Drake | Facebook
Founder and Chairman
LDJ Capital

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. 

Cat Song, Esq. | LinkedIn
Chief Investment Officer
New Dawn Fund, North America

Cat Song is Co-Founder and General Counsel of Exsulcoin, as well as an active angel investor and board advisor with interests in real estate, technology, art, and philanthropy.

Mark Lynd | LinkedIn
Managing Partner at Relevant Track
Top 25 Global Influencer for Blockchain & Crypto

Mark Lynd (CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP) is a top-ranked global influencer and public speaker for AI, FinTech, Crypto, Blockchain and Cybersecurity. He is an accomplished C-Level Innovator, Technologist, Board Member and Global Thought Leader for more than 20 years.

SuccessLife’s Founders

Richard Tan Poh Choon
Founder & Chairman

Michael Burnett
Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Chew
Founder &
General Manager

SuccessLife’s Core Management Team

Bertus Fick
Vice President

Peggy Chan
Chief Financial Officer

Loh Chang Chiat
Chief Technical Officer

Clarence Ho

Clarence Ho
Vice President
Community Management

Jason Tyne

Jason Tyne
Growth Strategist

Michael Lane
Country Manager

Vivien Low
Country Manager

June Yoon
Country Manager

Chong Koh Vui
Country Manager

Totka Spasova

Totka Spasova
Country Manager
United Kingdom

Consultants & Strategic Partners

Matt Loughran

Matt Loughran
Blockchain CMO | ICO Media & PR Consultant | Token Sale Strategist
CEO Midtown West Media

Daniel Sloan

Daniel Sloan
CEO BlockChainSaw LLC
Blockchain and ICO consultant/adviser

Ivan Oshry

Ivan Oshry
Head of Corporate
Kemp Strang Lawyers, Sydney, Australia

Chriss Okazaki
Strategic Partner

Grace Bian
Strategic Partner

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